How to use eight hours of 24-hour time.

How to use eight hours of 24-hour time.

Time is money, so we have time management, and there are plenty of other ways to manage time.Memos include memos, plans, priorities, and inspection.

We live in the IT era, and we use the powerful tools of computing, in terms of our work, and we use it as a way of doing things.Now, if you don't have a computer, it's no stranger to getting a job paralysis.

But I don't think I'm going to spend time working overtime, but I don't think I'm working on time for working overtime, but I don't know how much time I'm working on time, and I don't think I'm working on time.(just in addition to being able to master the order, but unfortunately ...))

Double the amount of time you spend on the same thing, you can double the amount of time I can afford.If you reduce threefold, you can have three times more time.(How do you know?)

It's close, but there's a solution.Present two key factors below :

1) My friend, Seol Skill, who utilizes my friend Computer.

2) Working with my work analyses, correct priorities, order, and methods.

Then, I'll add a little more explanation.

First, let's take a look at Skill, using Computer.

Let's say that we create data aggregation, theorems, analysis, and results reports.Of course, I work hard on my friend's computer keyboard, and I move my mouse hard, and all the work is done.

Knowing the functions of the program, knowing how to recognize a shorter key, and knowing how to combine them, don't realize that many of the thousands of movements are wasted in one minute.(Every day, every day, every month, repeats the same process.)

I mostly use Excel file.When I first joined the company, I first joined the company.

Daily status report - The next morning, when I reported reporting, I wasn't allowed to work for the first time.I have to report to you within 30 minutes.)

Actually, I got steamed up.We have to wait and see for the data at the site.So, in agony, we automatically jadong the data from the Excel to Excel.I screwed up the forms, and I used Macro VBA to leave all of my unwanted moves to my friend Computer, and I left my work unfinished.Every morning, it's finished in the morning.)

There are so many times that we don't know how much we know.So, you can't afford it, you're stuck in time, you miss the big thing, you're obsessed with something.




Second, let me show you my job analysis, priorities, order, methods, and examples.

Let's say that we are supposed to visit A Customer Service Company.
First of all, I will meet with A and meet you a week before meeting you today.

According to heogeok ... A customer schedule has been changed.I came back ...A round 3 hours wasted
Schedule 3 hours of delay due to change of job priority

Heogeok, we need to talk about it, but we need to talk more specifically, because we need to talk about it again.
I did ...There is not much income today ...A waste of five hours

Heogeok ... I got a little late, so I arrived a little late.However, A customer waits and goes outside, and is not going out.

round trip 4 hours + lost chance + shame + etc ...

There will also be many examples of waste time.

Analyzing your work is similar to finding the shortest distance to your destination and finding the optimum distance.Whether the destination is right, whether there are obstacles in between.

How do you like it? Create a checklist.

1. Confirm the commitment (3 days prior to the email, 1 day prior to the phone call)
- Time, place, customer situation

2. Review the agenda (list based on decision making) – gongyu
- Proactively review the results of the forecast and prepare them for a ,.
- ( for advice on internal personnel (if required)

3. Transportation Transportation (Time Zone and gyeongno Inspection - 1 day prior to 1)

4. Result report table and frame (form)

5. Check future schedule

Of course, depending on the nature and depth of work, you can organize it.The important thing is to carefully analyze the things you need, to make sure that you're absolutely necessary, and to make sure that you meet the needs of the best, and make the best of it.If you get skilled, you'll find one list, Number 2, Number 2, etc.

I'll organize it.

Time depends on how each person spends different amounts of time.Just eight hours of work, and somebody spends like four hours, and somebody spends like 24 hours.Let's consider that three years have passed since then.

Where would you like to stand, for instance, in the case of the former?
It's a vicious cycle of poverty, a virtuous circle, and depends on your choice.

If you save two hours a day, it's equivalent to a year, 12 years in a year, and a year's worth of time.Amazing ...(Who would have counted this bill?)
Until the current 3 times the productivity of the Republic of Korea ...Suddenly, I remember the future of " The Future of Wealth. "Hahaha

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